Some testimonials and reviews from some very nice people I’ve had the pleasure of working with

David is a rare combination – tech savvy, smart, entrepreneurial, incredibly personable and charismatic, tough mudder-esque in work ethic and honest to a point… I can’t see a future where David isn’t delighting customers, partners and the industry and building whatever size company he has in mind to build… Just remember to take a holiday in the next few years DM! Would highly recommend David and User Conversion, has been a pleasure working together with these guys at Optimizely

Dave Cannell

Partner Manager, Optimizely

David is a true expert in the field of CRO and he really knows how to quickly determine what makes customers tick, and then more importantly how to use this information to build fantastic customer experiences and improve conversion rates.

He has vast knowledge, which is backed up by experience refreshing honesty and good old fashioned friendliness. The results he has achieved for us in a short period and sustained over the longer term have had a positive impact across our entire business.

Anyone wanting to improve user experience and shorten the path to conversion should give David a call. The team he has built at User Conversion are incredibly talented and they deserve every success.

Gareth Westhead

Digital Marketing Manager

I have worked with a lot of industry people who claim to put users at the centre of their thinking but none come close to David and the User Conversion team. David is knowledgeable, committed, methodical and produces stunning results. He really does practice what he preaches and i would encourage any business to work with David if they are serious about providing their customers with the best online experience and improving their bottom line.

Ryan Forrest

Digital Marketing Consultant & technology specialist, Trillion Insight

I’ve worked closely with David in a number of different roles and am consistently impressed by the depth of his knowledge and understanding of conversion rate and user experience optimisation. He’s dedicated to providing honest, friendly advice that will genuinely benefit your business.

In Userconversion he has built an outstanding company that is making some serious impressions on the digital sector in the North West and beyond.

On top of all that, he’s a thoroughly decent chap and an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommended on both a professional and personal level.

Matt Davies

Search Marketing Specialist & Owner, Slingshot Search

David knows his stuff. Period. Sit with him for half an hour and that much is clear: you’ll get a lot of value out of it. Spend an hour listening to him speak on optimisation? You’ll fill a few sides of A4. Hire him and his team? I’d be confident saying it will pay off.

Tom Cheesewright

Applied Futurist at Book of the Future

David and I have worked together on a couple of projects now – and he’s my go to guy for all CRO related work. I consider him an integral part of the Brood Media family and I’m sure we’ll be smashing client expectations for many years to come!

If you’re not using someone like User Conversion as part of your digital marketing efforts, then you’re behind the curve!

Matt Bennett

Director, Brood Media

David has massive knowledge on digital conversion strategies that really do work! i met many of his clients and all are extremely impressed with his and his teams skills. Not only that but David is generally a good guy that you can trust and easily work with on any project

James Taylor

Marketing Director, Weaver Video

I can’t really add much more than all the other recommendations David has: spend a short time with him and his knowledge and drive around all things UX / Analytics / CRO shines through. He’s also a great guy. Do your site a favour and talk to him.

Mark Kelly

Digital Marketing Growth Consultant

David is a brilliant and friendly optimisation professional whose gone beyond everything we expected from an agency relationship. His willingness to help and advise is a trait that’s made better only by his vast knowledge on conversion optimisation. I really couldn’t recommend him more for anyone considering using his services.

Andrew Allsop

Head of Growth Marketing, Nudgr

It was an absolute pleasure working with David. He is hard working, personable and a specialist in user conversion optimisation, providing valuable insights to his clients. I look forward to working with David again in the future

William Scott

Research Manager, Nielsen

David is a true expert in his field. I would thoroughly recommend him and his team at User Conversion to anyone looking to increase their sales online. In addition to that he is a thoroughly nice chap and working with him is nothing short of a pleasure

Dave Neeley

Director, R A Neely Ltd

I have had the pleasure of working with David and Ryan at UserConversion over the past 6 months and they are fantastic to work with. Their knowledge and enthusiasm of Conversion has really inspired me to learn more in this specialism. They are always prompt, up front and honest with their feedback and I look forward to helping them grow their team going forward.

It also helps that they are all round fantastic, witty and down to earth people who I would happily have a beer with.

Ashley Loofe

Recruitment Manager, MRJ Marketing

David is a very knowledgable founder. Himself and the team at User Conversion provide the tools all companies need to improve CRO. He has been very helpful providing us advice/guidance and would highly recommend their services.

Thomas Young

CTO, Repairly

I have collaborated with David and his team across a variety of projects and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. It is hard to find someone who has a real passion and dedication, he really puts 200% in to everything and will never let you down. With David’s expert CRO knowledge, it has helped me grow my own UX and web skills as a designer and I look forward to working with David and his team in the future. We have achieved some really good results together!

Faye Harding

Freelancer, Confetti Celebrations

David is a passionate hard working individual. He excels in the user experience field, being able to analyse online user habits and steer your website development in the right direction to ultimately increase conversions and increase your bottom line. He has a great proven track record. I would certainly recommend.

Ben Richardson


I’ve worked closely with David and his team at User Conversion and have found him to be nothing short of fantastic at Conversion Rate Optimisation and UX.

He consistently generates results for clients and demonstrates a keen insight into what works to increase conversions.

I’d recommend anyone who is potentially interested in looking at CRO to speak to David. You won’t be disappointed.

Josh Bennett

CRO Consultant, Banc Media

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